This summer's round of Startup Playmaker starts soon. Are YOU ready?

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Playmaker Startup Program

Grow Your Business and Kickstart Your Internationalisation Process

Building up the confidence to launch a startup is hard work. Taking it international is even more difficult. Why do it all alone? Playmaker takes your business to places you always knew it could go.

These are the things we we'll solve together


Streamline your sales process for exponential growth.


Access governmental funding and finding the right investors.


Prepare your marketing strategy and hit the ground running at your next target market.

Team Building

Learn how to build a versatile and optimum team for your business.

Startup Leadership

Fine-tune your leadership skills to help your team grow and to scale your business to the next level.

Digital Environments

Choose the right technologies and tools to support your business. At the first try.

What is the Startup Playmaker and why join?

Startup Playmaker is a program for under 5-year-old Finnish companies that have both the desire to grow and the desire to go international. We provide a head start on your path towards building a successful business.

This is not a program where your company receives advice and expert opinions. The focus is on concrete procedures that growth and internationalisation seeking companies must go through in order to reach their goals and dreams.

If you are chosen you will work hard on concrete matters with people who have long successful careers within international and global businesses.

The value of this experience is multi-layered:

✔ Get hands-on help and work on your business together with business experts

✔ Boost client acquisition

✔ Get help building and choosing the right team

✔ Perfect your business investment-ready

✔ Be guided in critical choices along the way

✔ Keep up morale through peer support

The application period ends in the end of May and there are only two seats left for the ride beginning in June 2019!

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