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What is Startup Playmaker?

Playmaker is a program for Finnish companies that have both the desire to grow and the desire to go international.

The program is built for companies with a passion for success. The ones that are chosen twice a year for the Startup Playmaker program will get significant benefits that kick-start their internationalization process.

Why is Playmaker something the best ones choose to benefit from?

Playmaker is a concept, unlike any other startup program or community. The focus is on concrete procedures that growth and internationalization seeking companies must go through in order to reach their goals and dreams.

Playmaker is not a place where your company receives advice and expert opinions. If your company is chosen you will work hard on concrete matters with people who have long successful careers within international and global businesses.

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What do you get if you are one of the chosen ones?


Playmaker consists of four prioritised and relevant subjects:

  • Funding
  • Sales
  • Digital Environments
  • Team & Leadership

There are funding tools for internationalization that your company will use with the help of Playmaker. Accepted Start-Ups have potential to get 5-105 TEUR funding during the run of the program. After this, we will find you fitting investors if needed.

Playmaker is known for ramp-up excellence. Ramp-up is a word that is best described as “getting a lot of new very good paying customers in, FAST.” We at Playmaker know how to make that happen.

Harnessing digitalisation, IT, websites, platforms, social media etc. is a must in order to make it. Playmaker will take you on a roller coaster on this one. We know what you need and you need what we know. We are also an official HubSpot Startup Partner which will take your actions to rocket speed in an instant.

Everything is about the team when a company has a dream to grow and go international. Playmaker will sort this out for you. We will make sure that you understand what you need and how you should build up and lead your winning team.




Playmaker 1/20 Schedule


Kick off - Enjoy the exciting beginning of Playmaker program with other participating teams and sessions with business coaches. You will get your business plan checked and revisited and we will together make sure that your targets and goals are solid. Together we also draw a funding plan for your business. Some of you will apply for internationalization funding already at this stage.


Work hard and prepare - During April you will work with your idea and prepare concrete actions. Playmaker co-working space is open for everyone participating in Playmaker program. We will give you detailed instructions for what you should be doing. Applying for funding is on for the ones that are ready for it. By the end of April you should be able to speed up on your own.


Action - In May you get to go full-speed ahead. Sales, using of various digital channels and marketing campaigns are on the to-do list. You will get 1 on 1 time with coaches and together we will make it happen. Funding work continues. 

What you get during the program

  • You will learn the H2H (Human to Human) way of entrepreneurship
  • Possibility to get 5-105 TEUR funding during the program
  • Coaching from successful business experts
  • You will receive Playmaker healthy life plan

  • Concrete plan and action plan for your internationalization process
  • Workshops about digitalization, sales, team building, ramp-up, legal issues etc.
  • Free access to Playmaker offices
  • Access to Hubspot for Startups program
  • get to work...a lot :D

Application period for March launch has started. Submit your application here!

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