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ByJukka Vesala

GRUMBLO is the largest video sharing social network for car enthusiasts who are passionate about the sounds of performance.
Grumblo was founded in January...
September 04, 2019
ByJukka Vesala
Näkökulma rekrytoivista koulutusohjelmista
Kerrataan ensin mikä tämä RekryKoulutus on eli Rekrytoiva koulutusohjelma on ELY:n rahoittama toimintamalli, jonka...
August 05, 2019
BySuvi Jokinen

Playmaker Startup Program

Grow Your Business and Kickstart Your Internationalisation Process
Building up the confidence to launch a startup is hard work....
August 13, 2019
BySuvi Jokinen


Helping Startups Grow

We’re excited to partner with HubSpot for Startups to offer their program designed specifically to help startups grow and scale...
June 13, 2019
ByJukka Vesala
There is a growing number of Finnish Startups that initiate from an innovative born global idea.
There are also positive signs that more and more companies...
May 04, 2019
BySuvi Jokinen
First round of Startup Playmaker - the startup program by Evium - is launching this May. Applications for the Playmaker are now open.
May 04, 2019