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GRUMBLO is the largest video sharing social network for car enthusiasts who are passionate about the sounds of performance.
Grumblo was founded in January 2016 by a group of petrol heads. Grumblo is a place to discover, share and fuel car enthusiast passion through car engine and exhaust sound videos. Grumblo takes great pride in their service offering. Grumblo values customers’ time and therefore they do the hardlifting themselves. Grumblo tailors all services to each customer need. Every service created is one of a kind.

Evium Oy and GRUMBLO - Sounds of performance started co-operation when we sat down with the CEO Markus Martelius. They were facing a situation where the platform they provide had already reached 50 million people who were very excited about the videos and content provided but there was no traction from businesses who could really benefit from what GRUMBLO is doing.

The first step was together to go through what had happened and what kind of actions were taken so far and why. Soon it became obvious that the sales process needed some revisiting and the story for wanted customer segments had to be re-written. Also the volume and quality of specific sales related actions needed change. Evium took on the challenge in 2018 and now GRUMBLO is fast growing in numbers of digital spectators and companies utilising the great and unique platform GRUMBLO is providing.    

Evium really helped us to focus and simplify our sales process. Also, they helped us realize that sales is about communicating the truth. We are looking forward to what Evium can bring to GRUMBLO as we continue our co-operation
- Markus Martelius, CEO, Grumblo

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